Working from the inside out

acknowledge . nurture . grow

We at Cordial Fox have a coaching approach which looks at the whole organisation, as well as its parts. We believe that to run a truly successful organisation means to run a healthy one, which values every member of staff and invites each individual to bring their relevant skills to the table.

Ours is a top to bottom approach, as much as it is a bottom to top one.

Our individual coaching and group workshops can help our clients run a smoother, more people-friendly organisation, reducing many costly issues, such as sick days caused by work place stress, bullying and fatigue. We offer business coaching, presentation skills, executive personal coaching, marketing coaching and group workshops.


We consult. We create. We coach. We revisit.

The Cordial Fox CycleTM
We take our clients through the Cordial Fox CycleTM as often as they need and want us to, to get them to the next stage.
And the next …

The potential is endless.


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We are proud to be an inclusive, autism friendly and mental health aware company.