A fresh perspective

listen . understand . refine

When you add more than 20 years of in-depth experience to a fresh new venture with an eye for detail and a drive to improve the bigger picture, you’ll see great things happen.

Why? Because know-how meets enthusiasm meets vision. And that’s an unbeatable combination!

Our snapshot assessments give you invaluable fresh takes on your daily activity, delivered in a clear and concise language.

Our full back-to-front and top-to-bottom audits check every nook and cranny of your organisation or project for in-depth insights, to help you grow to your full potential.


We coach. We consult. We create. We revisit.

The Cordial Fox CycleTM
We take our clients through the Cordial Fox CycleTM as often as they need and want us to, to get them to the next stage.
And the next …

The potential is endless.


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We are proud to be an inclusive, autism friendly and mental health aware company.

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