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We are ethical and inclusive. One member of our founding team is neurodivergent, both are out of the box thinkers and creatives to the core. We enjoy doing things authentically, and we absolutely love working with two kinds of people: those who go ‘hell yeah!’ reading this, and those who want to find out more.

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Our Core Services

You can pick and choose how you work with our three core services.

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If you want to make a truly powerful impact for your business or brand, use our unique offering and combine our services.


Want to welcome your whole, authentic self and build a life, career or business you are truly proud of?


With any major decision it can be a challenge to trust your own instincts, or feel like you’re set-up for success.

Proven Success

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Here are just two numbers we are proud of. We think they show a great deal about how people like you, enjoy working with us.

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Our Founders

Jasmin Egner, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Whole Person Coach

Jasmin Egner CPC, WPCC

Co-Founder & Whole Person Coach

Jasmin is passionate about helping leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives integrate their whole, authentic selves in lives and careers they can be truly proud of. Jasmin is an autism and mental health advocate and has previously mentored autistic performing artists as part of a research project between RADA & UCL (CREA).

Meet Jasmin

Jasmin raises the bar of your expectations, of what an exceptional coach should be like. There is something noteworthy about her coaching style. […]
Out of all the coaches I have worked with, Jasmin is truly gifted.

Noora Khammas Alyammahi

Researcher, Designer, Writer, Educator, Speaker, Coach

Adam Jennings, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Creative Leader

Adam Jennings

Co-Founder & Creative Consultant

Adam is a strategic hybrid Creative Director with 25 years experience in a variety of industries. He has been trusted by some of the most well-known brands in the world. Adam has a passion for inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to realise the possibility of their dreams, making them a reality for themselves and others.

Meet Adam

Working with Adam recently was a fantastic experience. Adam quickly understood our service and recognised the opportunity whilst being sensitive to the unique circumstance we currently all find ourselves in.

Craig Forsythe

CEO, GiftRound

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Take Their Word For It


“Jasmin raises the bar of your expectations, of what an exceptional coach should be like. There is something noteworthy about her coaching style. […] 

Out of all the coaches I have worked with, Jasmin is truly gifted.”

Noora Khammas Ayammahi
Designer, Researcher & Coach

Adam is a skilled, conscientious and level-headed creative. Methodical, detailed and inspiring are words that come to mind. For anyone reading this, you may be seduced by the more flattering adjectives but level-headed is the most flattering of all. Being able to work with fast turnarounds, accommodating whims and ridiculous levels of expectation without a noticeable shift in octave, is the mark of a true pro.

Michael Hart
Creative Director, The Union

“Jasmin has an amazing ability to connect to the subtext of what is really going on with an individual.  She listens deeply and has an innate sense of getting to the root of the client’s inner dialogue. […] 

I highly recommend enlisting the services of Jasmin if you are looking to be empowered and step into your true capabilities.

Alicia Hopkins
Territory Sales Executive

Adam is a creative designer with imagination, an eye for detail and a down to earth approach. He is a very focused professional, has the ability to translate a client’s vision with ease – a valuable asset to any team.

Fazilt Ahmed
Global Advertising Product Planner, Microsoft

 “Jasmin was able to unpick our conversation with some fantastic questions that helped shine a light on an alternative way of looking at the issues. I was left with some insightful reframing that’s going to help me go forward with confidence.”

Craig Forsythe
CEO & Founder

Cordial Fox are ace. As well as designing our entire website, they’ve been doing all our graphic design and visual look. We work extensively with the BBC who have very stringent design requirements and Cordial Fox have always been outstanding in creating sharp funny and appealing ideas for all our shows. They’ve also cleaned up all our shocking legacy graphics and photos! If you’re thinking of working with them – DO SO!

David Tyler
Director, Pozzitive Television

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