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Adam Jennings, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Creative Leader


Hello. I’m your creative consultant, Adam.

I’m a strategic creative thinker, an inspirational leader and a creative mentor. With 25 years experience in the creative industries, I bring help to businesses just like yours to grow your revenue, reduce costs and satisfy clients through innovation, experience and creative thinking.

My why:

To inspire people to feel the reality of their dreams, so they can do the same for others.

I’m a father, partner, dog-lover, anti-racist, vegan and movie geek, all with a healthy appetite for snacks (snacketite?).

My take on this

I understand that when you face a tough decision, it’s sometimes difficult to trust your own instincts, or feel confident in your analysis of the situation or outcomes.

Having an objective, external advisor can seem scary. Some senior leaders are apprehensive that hiring a consultant shows an area of weakness. The truth is quite the opposite: it takes a forward thinking, courageous and honest leadership team to recognise when the skills of an external consultant are required and will be beneficial to the growth of the company.

The way I work is very much people-first focused, so you don’t need to worry about confrontation. My role is to help you empower your people (you included), be the best they can be in their roles, in-turn driving your organisation onto great success.

I will hold you accountable. I will expect you to put in the work. But I am there purely to help you succeed. Scroll back up here and re-read my ‘Why’ as a reminder.

Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Creative Lead, Adam Jennings

Adam has worked with clients in multiple industries including Entertainment where he has helped clients like 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures on 150+ global digital marketing campaigns for movies like Deadpool, The Revenant, Life of Pi, Transformers & The X-Men franchise.

Take Their Word For It


As well as his personable approach, Adam’s efficiency coupled with his unquestionably high level of professionalism make him an invaluable asset to any project.”

Nik Haidar
International Product Director, Tiscali

Adam is a highly energetic professional who ads tremendous value to every relationship he makes with others. He is a customer focused strategist always ready to put all his energy and creativity to get the job done. Has an in-depth understanding of current trends and technology. I highly recommend working with Adam.

Alia Lachana
Business Operations Manager, Microsoft

Working with Adam recently was a fantastic experience. Adam quickly understood our service and recognised the opportunity whilst being sensitive to the unique circumstance we currently all find ourselves in.

Craig Forsythe
CEO & Founder, GiftRound

Why Me

I’m your instant access to expert advice & off the hook creativity

I have a proven track record of


  • generating multi-million dollar revenue for global organisations
  • implementing cost-reducing strategies and processes
  • winning multi-million budget pitches
  • inspiring & mentoring creative teams and individuals to be their best & produce their best


How do we work together?

In short, however you need, but a good start is to chat through your requirements with me in an initial 20 minute call.

I work with you as a trusted, objective external observer who has credible knowledge of your business to assist you with your performance, and that of your staff or your operational processes in order to achieve key successes (project or goal based).

  • 20 minute initial chemistry chat
  • Goal Discovery 
  • Pain Point / Challenges Cause Identification
  • Connecting The Dots Between The Above
  • Planning A Roadmap To Success


Gaining focus on where you want your to head


Setting you up for day-to-day success

Project Based

Launching sucessful projects, with significant ROI


Imbuing your pitch with client-winning creativity

Does This Work?

The benefits of engaging a creative consultant

Recent research by the MCA (The Management Consultancies Association), has shown that the use consultants is widespread across the UK. Of the businesses polled 84% confirmed they had used consulting services and 81% said they had met or exceeded expectations.

Hire the right consultant and the value they bring to you lasts for years.

Weigh up the true cost of trying to achieve your strategic goal with full time employees, versus the significantly smaller investment of working with someone who instantly brings 25 years experience and a valuable outside scope into your team. You’ll see results much quicker, saving you money.

Additionally, balance out the cost of the investment in working with me, with the return you’ll get from a successful outcome. Spending £2,000 working with me now, to win a project worth £1m, implement cost-saving process or forge your path ahead with a rock-solid strategic plan … sounds like a pretty good return to me.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Provide up-to-date & innovative thinking  
  • An objecitve, outside perspective  
  • Accomplish short-term and long-term goals  
  • Leverage new skills by way of skills transfer to your organisation, leaving a lasting impact  
  • Drawing on specialist market knowledge and / or technical expertise  
  • Prioritise strategic planning time  
  • Unique solutions often found through working in a new way  
  • Increased speed due to heavy expertise in place  
  • New skill-set added instantly on engagement  
  • 25 years experience, instantly on your team  
  • Proven track record working with global organisations  

My Guarantee:
Each set of work has its own goals and objectives, as well as its own set of parameters to work within. With that in mind I guarantee that I will deliver the results we agree to. If we don’t achieve them within the timeline agreed, and as long as you’ve followed my recommendations and completed your deliverables, I will continue working with you to deliver the results at no additional cost.

A guarantee is a two-way agreement we make together. Both sides must stick to their obligations for the guarantee to be valid.

Consultancy Fees

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