Authenticity starts within. This seems like an obvious one, but I bet you know how challenging it can be to actually face what’s going on inside.

Having arrived at the grand old age of 43 I’ve had a few years to realise a number of things. And then (if I’m honest) dismiss, trip over, scuff my knees on and re-realise. And that’s what we’re here for, right? Honesty. Authenticity. Learnning and re-learning.

Why is it so hard sometimes to be authentic? We’re not all that superficial, are we? I think one reason is because authenticity quite often means challenging the status quo, and that can be scary.

We’ve probably all done a job we weren’t happy in, been with a person who wasn’t good for us, or been that person ourselves. When the day comes to realize we’ve somehow landed on someone else’s track instead of honoring our own for example, ignoring our truth can seem like the easier option, but it’s by far the more demoralizing one. A niggling feeling can turn into full-blown turmoil, if we don’t face our truth. We live in a world where truth is often only welcome if it looks great on a CV or in a social media post. No wonder we hide so much of it. No wonder we feel like impostors, unworthy and ashamed. Most of us have been there. Even those who seem like they have figured it all out. So why not admit it proudly? It’s a relief and it allows for true connection.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself on your journey to authenticity:

1. What’s that niggling feeling inside of you?
2. Are you willing to face it?
3. What would you need to allow it to surface?

If you’re ready to face your truth and hone in on building an authentic life I’d love to work with you! You can be anywhere in the world as sessions are 1-1 via Zoom ❣️ Message me via this website here.

Jasmin Egner, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Whole Person Coach

The Cordial Coach

Jasmin Egner is a Whole Person Certified Coach, working with clients from various industries across the globe.

Jasmin is a Co-Founder of Cordial Fox Limited and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.