Five months ago Jasmin and I made the decision to live and work in Scotland. This life-changing event has had a profound impact on the business, but also our lives.

So far we’ve been lucky enough to work on

  • 31 creative projects, creating roughly 268GB of data, spread over 6557 files and generating millions of impressions across multiple ATL, BTL and TTL campaigns. Some highlights include:
  • crafting an original 4k animation used as a little bit of environmental magic at a corporate event by being projected onto a 60ft wall
  • product and brand development on a super-secret FMCG range
  • seeing our clients win new business and retain key accounts because of the work we’ve done for them
  • providing consultancy services for businesses in the creative industries
  • providing coaching for professionals in the creative industries

Most importantly though, we feel very welcomed here. Everyone has opened their doors to us and we’ve sat with people very generous with their time and had coffee (decaf, non-dairy milk, naturally), and chats with so many lovely people.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you Scotland. Thank you for such an amazing welcome (welcome back in Jasmin’s case!). Thank you to everyone we’ve worked with, chatted with and are planning to work with in the not too distant future. You’re all marvellous.

What can we help you with?

Broadly speaking our services fit into three categories of coaching, consultancy and creative services. You can pick-and-choose whatever service(s) you need at any time because the way we provide our services makes them complimentary to each other. Get in touch with us to arrange an initial chat so we can hear, in your words, what you want to achieve and how you feel we can help you.

Send us a message from our Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Jennings, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Creative Leader

Adam Jennings is co-founder of Cordial Fox Limited. He has almost 30 years experience in the creative industries, working with clients such as Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, BBC Worldwide and Penguin Random House. Adam is available for creative and strategic consultancy, creative support, public speaking and creative mentoring.