A friend recently shared this Screenrant article (“Top 10 Blue Sky Studios Movies, Ranked (According to Rotten Tomatoes).” [PAOLO ALFAR]), on social and as I read it I realised that I had worked on marketing 8 of the 10 movies in this list.

This led me to recall just how many amazing movie titles I’d had the pleasure of working on in some capacity (over 160 at the last count). Titles like Deadpool, The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, Life of Pi, Die Hard, X-Men … even a James Bond (I’ll come back to that title later).

People often ask me how I got into a position where 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and other major Hollywood studios were asking me to create work for them and reading this list reminded me that it was the building of client / partner trust that was pivotal in those titles coming my way.

Of course creativity, technical skill and the right work ethic are also part of the package of working with me. And the same goes for working with Jasmin and Cordial Fox as a whole – naturally.

Building trust takes time, authenticity and honesty – in business as much as in life. Trust has to be proven and solidified, time and time again.

I know this first-hand. I started those 160 odd projects with a tiny piece of work on a movie to make a single banner advert, skip forward a year or two and I’m working on hundreds of pieces of artwork for all manner of digital (and physical) distribution that included global usage, market and industry-firsts and a gaggle of awards that would look nice on anyone’s mantlepiece.

Jasmin also wholeheartedly incorporates trust into the very core of her coaching offering – of course she does! The subjects covered in coaching can be as personal as the coachee chooses. We both take that trust incredibly seriously. I never ask any details about her sessions (and she would never tell me, if I did). I’m also never present when a coaching session is taking place. It’s an integral part of the service and one we will always adhere to stringently. 

Hugely important to building trust is to remember that with every new project comes a new NDA. Hundreds of them, and I take each one just as seriously as the first I ever signed. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, breaking an NDA is akin to ripping up your articles of association and winding up your business with immediate effect.

And that’s where James Bond comes in. You see I could tell you which film it was and what I did for it, but I’d be breaking an NDA. I am allowed to say that I worked on one and I can add that it was a few years ago, but that’s about it. It’s all very MI5 I know, but it’s also hugely important in retaining client trust.

So if you’re looking to find a trusted partner to help you navigate a change in your business, product or services; or if you are launching, branding or redeveloping your product or services contact me to explore how I can bring 25 years trusted experience to the table.

If you’re feeling swamped, exhausted or feel like you need to work on any aspect of your life (home, work or both), contact Jasmin to talk about how coaching can help you build solid strategies. And know that you’ll be heard, never judged and it will all all be in total confidence.

Adam Jennings, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Creative Leader

Adam Jennings is co-founder of Cordial Fox Limited. He has almost 30 years experience in the creative industries, working with clients such as Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, BBC Worldwide and Penguin Random House. Adam is available for creative and strategic consultancy, creative support, public speaking and creative mentoring.