As I’m reminiscing about my coach training I’m reflecting on the past 7 months. A lot of change has happened in my life in just over half a year. I re-aligned with my purpose and values in life, freeing myself from a 4-year prison sentence of disconnectedness from what I’m on this planet for. Strong words, I know… But here’s the deal: as long as we are not aligned with our values and purpose we tread through treacle. Everything is so much harder when we are not aligned. Every single thing can be easier when we are.

So, what happened? 7 months ago I made the decision to move back to Scotland and re-connect with *me*. I had no financial reserves and I had been beaten down by life, but I knew in my soul I needed to go to where I connect. I might do another article on specifics at some point but the core issue is this: I knew I had slipped out of alignment and I needed to find my feet again or I’d spend the rest of my life struggling. Badly. I learned some valuable lessons during those potentially soul shattering 4 years before things clicked. And they stand me in good stead *right now*.

I learned about healthy boundaries and how to listen to my own wisdom no matter how loudly others were telling me not to. I remembered that I know *exactly* what I’m here for and that what I do is incredibly important. When I say ‘wisdom’ I don’t mean knowledge. What I am talking about is that radiating awareness, that deep and full and vibrant calm you cannot learn from rules or formulas, but that comes from connection. Don’t get me wrong, I love formulas. But they’re only a tool, and without wisdom they can ‘help’ you down the wrong track quite quickly.

As I’m looking at my brand new coaching certificate – making my life long training official – I can’t help but think that something inside of me knew 7 months ago that I didn’t have any time to lose. I had felt like I’m slowly dying for 4 years. 4 years out of alignment. 4 years of denying myself, my needs, my values, my very purpose.

I know this isn’t a light read, and I know that many out there are feeling like that right now. And that’s why I feel that it’s important to share this right now.

So… I packed my bags, invited my partner to join me – which he did 🙂 – and we moved our life and business operations to Scotland. I will never forget the relief I felt the second I said out loud ‘I’m moving back to Scotland!’ I’ll never forget how I felt when we saw the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on the highway on our way to Edinburgh. I sobbed. And I mean I utterly, utterly ugly cried. I’ll never forget one of my best friends meeting us at the door as we arrived at 3am that day, and how she was there to hold space and catch me as I collapsed into her arms.

Cordial Fox Co-Founders Jasmin Egner & Adam Jennings 

(Picture: Adam and me in an AirBnB on our Edinburgh flat-hunt last year.)

We weren’t entirely restored even before Covid-19 hit, but we’d come to a place where we could make healthy purpose-focussed decisions. And that simple fact is changing everything for us right now:

When all job pipelines shut down maybe four weeks ago we had a few days of panic, like most people around us, and then I realised: We’re prepared for this. We’ve lived through a crisis that had made us doubt our very core, and we’ve come out the other side stronger. Much, much stronger. And I want you to know that you can too. We all have a purpose and life tells us louder and louder if we’re not listening. What is it you are here for? What is your passion? What are your values in life? How do they show up in your job or business? Are they fully showing up at all? Are you allowing them to?

Believe me, knowing the answers to these questions makes all the difference! ✨

Disclaimer: I know physically moving to another place as I did 7 months ago is an entirely different conversation right now. Luckily there are other ways of kickstarting your re-alignment, so you are ready to do exactly what you need to do when the time comes ✨

Jasmin Egner, Cordial Fox Co-Founder & Whole Person Coach

The Cordial Coach

Jasmin Egner is a Whole Person Certified Coach, working with clients from various industries across the globe.

Jasmin is a Co-Founder of Cordial Fox Limited and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.